Vending Machines Gave Way To Slot Machines

The first kind of mechanical slot machine which was put in to use was the Liberty Bell slot machine devised by Charles Fey. Vending machines formed the foundation stone for the slots machine.

Charles Fey is the man behind the current model of the slot machines. Primarily, the Charles Fey slot machine consisted of 3 reels. The classic slots these days provided as online casino games are also programmed with the 3 reels. There are multiple reel combinations also available these days.

The original model of the slots which was designed by Charles consisted of the symbols of the diamond, the spade, and the symbols of the heart and the image of the liberty bell with cracks. Like you get a big payout for the royal flush these days, the first slots provided a really good payout for reels which assembled liberty bells together in a row!

The first ever slot machine which was in existence is seen even today in the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant. The Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant is located in Nevada in Reno.

When Fey originally designed this machine he obtained a good kind of profit out of it. He used to rent out the machine for 50% share to several of the saloons and bars. He had a system installed in the machine to identify false coins which customers might drop in to play in the machine as opposed to dropping in real money.

The requirement for the number of slot machines grew very rapidly. Regardless of being unable to meet up with the growing demands for the slots machine, he refused to sell the rights to manufacture the machines to several of the gambling companies who required them then!

Well, there was another competitor to him who introduced a slight tweak in to the mechanics of the slots machine and he produced the machine over again. The Liberty Bell machines were competed upon by the Operator Bell and it was a great success when compared to its precursor, these machines had the figures of the lemons, plums and cherries on them.

Beverly Ryan