Poker Casino Gambling

My kids are video game fanatics, but I never had the patience to get into that sort of thing. I also like my entertainment to involve getting something in my hand to show for it. Maybe that’s why I’m such a fan of online casino gambling.

I love the real live casino experience, but naturally I can’t afford to spend every weekend in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo but thanks to the internet and technology, I’m able to enjoy the same games in my own living room! When I have an extra few minutes at the office, I like to log on to the websites that offer no-download flash versions of their software and play a round or two of poker just to unwind mid-day.

I often times invite friends over or make a “date” night with my wife and we play together. With online casino gambling, the excitement levels are so close to the real live thing that sometimes it’s easy to forget that you are still at home!

The perks are great too. These websites love customer loyalty and my inbox is always filled with great offers for all sorts of bonuses and invitations. (I set up a separate email account for all my online casino gambling accounts because these websites SURE do like to send emails…) Some of the online casinos I frequent consider me a VIP member and have personalized account managers who I’ve actually chatted to on the phone quite a few times before. They call to offer me exclusive bonuses or congratulate me on big wins. I’m often times amazed at the level of customer service! Then again, I’m a big spender, so just like in the retail world, when you drop a lot of money – you expect a certain level of return!

I recommend online casino gambling to all my friends who enjoy spending their hard earned money on a little fun every once in a while. After all, our kids shouldn’t be the only ones who get to use our money for entertainment purposes

Beverly Ryan